Religious Studies Program

Religious Studies is one of the most fulfilling, rewarding, and challenging subjects for study in today's university. Knowledge and skills in the study of religion is increasingly necessary for a critical understanding of and participation in a complex world.

At Kennesaw, the minor in Religious Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to engage students in conversations and study on key issues and perspectives in the study of religion. The minor provides the knowledge and skills you will need to understand the intricate relationships between religion and culture as well as the variety of roles of religion plays in a globalizing world.

Programs Offered

The minor program in Religious Studies is built on three wide-ranging courses that offer historical, philosophical, and sociological foundations for the minor and for further and higher-level study in disciplines participating in the minor. Then, students choose two courses on subjects within the fields of Religious Studies offered by a variety of disciplines, some are one-time courses, others are offered annually. Or with permission and guidance from the Coordinator of Religious Studies, you may undertake a unique Direct Study or study-abroad trip relevant to this minor. The opportunities are wide and exciting!